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I’ve worked as a Network Engineer in SME and ISP organisations for the last nine years between studying in the fields of Computer Science and Software Engineering. From studying software and working with networks, I have developed a particular interest in the application of software and analytical processes as they apply to network engineering. This blog as a place I can document some of the more interesting things I come across in my day to day musings.


I’m currently working for IX Australia, a not-for-profit Internet Exchange Provider operating the largest IXP in Australia.  We enable our members to improve their connectivity to other Australian Internet providers by providing a reliable, performant and scalable national network fabric. I’ve very pleased to be working for IX Australia as I really believe in the internet industry and I feel that there is plenty more improvement to come.

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  1. Barry Bradford
    3 June, 2015 @ 2:06 pm

    Hey Tim,

    Great blog man 🙂 hope all is well

    must catch up soon



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