Appearance on The Packet Pushers Podcast

I had the honour of appearing as a guest on The Packet Pushers Podcast for their Modern Networking series. We recorded an episode with a couple of other guests, both from higher education / campus network backgrounds. We discussed everything from campus network design, monitoring, automation and even the involvement of enterprises in the IETF.

It was a great discussion that raised many current issues around industry mindset as well as current areas of progress. I particularly enjoyed the discussion around monitoring, metrics and streaming telemetry. I believe this is a key area within which the industry needs to make major progress to advance our state of the art.

While recording the episode, we ended up talking for over two hours resulting in a two-part series. Listen to Part 1 now with Part 2 set for publication in a week’s time. The Packet Pushers run a really tight ship and produce some awesome, quality content. Follow their community blog and subscribe to their podcasts on iTunes or Google Play Music.